Hi, we're currently recruiting for the following roles. Please review the details and if of interest, send your cv over to jobs@siopshop.co with a sentence or two to discuss further.



We’re looking for a new lead in the bakery. The ideal candidate should have great understanding of time management paired with a creative ambition to develop delicious and innovative products in the dough form.

 The role will  focus on the following.

 Management of personnel and day to day operation (Rota/Orders/Cleaning)

Menu development of our sweet and savoury line up.

Working with existing management in team care and development.

Attending to the needs of health & safety compliances

Monitoring production levels and adjusting patterns in trade

The ideal candidate should have previous experiencing in management and baking and have a good understanding of siop and it's intentions within the market.

 Full time £22-£25,000 per annum



We're looking for a full time baker to help fry, bake and pump delicious smells into siop all day.

Experience working with a variety of baked goods, preferably including yeasted dough. 

Eye for detail and decoration along with a creative palate for flavours both sweet and savoury.

Time management skills, ability to efficienctly plan and work through a variety of tasks.

Health & Hygiene certification 

35-40 hrs per week. £10.50 / £11.50 depending on experience.